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The Gothika Experience


​Are your customers shouting out for something different from the normal murder mystery experience, or theatre show?.

Are they looking for something, entertaining, scary, moving, thrilling, haunting?

Welcome The Gothika Experience,  a fully immersive Promenade, Gothic Horror Theatre experience ( without audience participation) bespoke and unique, like nothing you have ever experienced before.

We will adapt our piece of theatre to your premises, bringing the audience into the private rooms, chambers and hallways of our story.

Twists and turns at every corner, this experience will leave your customers wanting more.

Let us introduce you to “Countess”, based on the true story of Hungarian aristocrat Elizabeth Bathory, the blood bathing hungarian tyrant who was reputed to have murdered 650 women, and that was just the bodies they found.

Are you brave enough to have us at your venue?

Contact us more more information

Countess Promo

Countess Tour Pack

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