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De Profundis began in 2001 in collaboration with actress Amanda J Fleming and director Paul T. Thorpe

Originally known as "Platform Theatre", the company started out touring classical and comedy plays to national theatres and village halls throughout the UK.

Eventually De Profundis introduced a new genre to its repertoire "Gothic Horror",

Interpretations of historical drama with a supernatural twist and hosted spooktacular events which led into film production. 


Our Mission

De Profundis Film and Theatre engages, inspires, entertains and challenges audiences with productions that range from the classics with a supernatural twist to new works incorporating both historical and gothic interpretations; we train and support the next generation of theatre and film professionals ; providing an important artistic education to fall back on during their journey to success.


Artistic Excellence

We collaborate to create productions that empower artists and production workers to do their finest work. Our high standards reflect our commitment to excellence in every area of production. We take pride in our outstanding track record of artists who want to return, and we cultivate an audience that expects to be challenged. The work we do empowers and excites us too.

We work as a team within and between departments and respect our co-workers’ time and resources by striving to meet deadlines.


As well as producing some deeply chilling and insightful films we are dedicated to bringing theatre to the local and rural communties around the country, many do not have access to the city or simply find it difficuly to pay the prices of tickets and travel to see shows, so we will bring our historical and gothic classic to them, allowing them to experience Theatre at its best without the high cost.


We are committed to an environment that fosters inclusion and honesty and reflects our community.

We respect varied backgrounds and work and life experiences. We encourage programmes that attract under-represented talent, and focus on empowering women within the creative sector  giving national and local female talent a fighting chance to become passionate leaders within their chosen path of the entertainment community and we welcome and celebrate and hire artists and professionals from the north of England, and the nation.

Financial obligations

In order to continue our amazing work both in film and theatre backing is needed to expand and make more original and exciting productions in the coming years.

Want to Get involved ?

Want to help our productions get off the ground?.

Would you like to donate to or sponsor De Profundis Productions?

Or simply get involved?

Please let us know by sending us a message on our contact page.

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